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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Relient K ready to rock at Croc in Friday's EXPOSED

They have a punk side, an emotional side, a spiritual side and a goofy side and the guys in Relient K plan to bring them all to Allentown on Tuesday for a show at Crocodile Rock Cafe.

Lead singer Matt Thiessen recently took a break from rehearsing in Tennessee and spoke to Exposed about the tour and the band's evolution and multifaceted persona.

Also in Friday's edition...

-- iTunes is raising its prices?

-- Kirby, Wario and Sonic return to the gaming world.

-- An after-dinner (or whenever) beer from Canada

-- A look at an Americana rocker from Clinton

-- Ask Pinky, 10 Things To Do, Nightlife and more!

Exposed is published Fridays in the Express-Times or you can pick it up free at bars, restaurants and shops through the Lehigh Valley. Be sure to check out Exposed on MySpace to learn more about upcoming editions and be the first to find out about upcoming contents and more.

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