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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three 6 Mafia and Relient K scheduled for Spring Concert

Two mainstream artists are close to signing a contract for this year's Ultimate Spring Concert, scheduled for April 24 at the Titan Stadium, but nothing is official yet.

The gritty hardcore hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia might be the headliner along with Relient K, a Christian rock band turned pop rock.

But Joseph Lopez, Associated Students Inc. Productions administrative director, said contracts for the artists have not been signed yet, and he hopes the lineup will be made official by this weekend.

"One thing is we don’t want people to get excited and then let down," he said. "In the past it doesn’t end up always working out."

Coordinators decided to go with a "multi-genre" show this year to appeal to both hip-hop and rock fans.

"Last year was both rock, we wanted to go with multi-genre this year," Lopez said.

Last year, bands New Found Glory and The Academy Is... performed for the concert and the show has previously brought out the likes of Rage Against the Machine and Kanye West.

ASI President Curtis Schlaufman said he is "pretty sure" the artists will follow through, but the artists were found later than expected.

"Theoretically, they could back out before they sign the contract," said ASI President Curtis Schlaufman. "Once the contract’s finalized it will be official. Hopefully pretty soon, because we did sign the artists later than we hoped to. I can pretty much bet we will have the concert with these artists."

The event is expected to cost about $115,000 for publicity, sound, lighting, security, police and other arrangements, said Lindsay Qwek, spring concert coordinator for ASIP. The artists will cost $65,000.

ASI approved a contract for $3,000 to go toward the budget during a board meeting Tuesday.

If the artists fall through, however, then ASIP has a backup plan with the hip-hop group The Cool Kids, Qwek said.

But Qwek said the current lineup is the most well-known artists available.

"No one is as prominent as the one's we've pitched to you right now," she told ASI.

The show is expected to dazzle a crowd of 3,000 people, with 2,500 expected students and 500 guests.

Tickets are free for students and $10 for guests and are expected to be distributed next month.

The first black music group to win an Academy Award for Best Song in 2006 for the jam, "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp," from Hustle & Flow soundtrack, Three 6 Mafia is known for its hardcore lyrics and members who decorate their "grills" (teeth) in gold.

A few hit songs have been "Stay Fly" and "Poppin' My Collar." The original six-member group is from Tennessee.

Relient K, from Canton, Ohio, began its career in the Contemporary Christian Music circuit and has since become popular with the pop rock album "MmHmm," released in 2004.

Signed with Capitol Records label, the band has recently been featured on the Warped Tour and will be touring this fall with Katy Perry, Qwek said.

ASIP will continue promoting the event with spring concert fairs at the center quad, leading up to the performance.

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