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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christian music news: Relient K's New Album Tracklisting and More Revealed

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After having released the dates for their upcoming "Three Hour Tour" with Barcelona and Copeland, Relient K, easily one of the best known Christian pop-rock bands, lets us know a little more about their new album, Forget and Not Slow Down.

Through a soon to be seven album journey, Relient K is no stranger to trying new sounds. The older albums mainly have a punk vibe and clever, catchy lyrics. Newer tracks still have those same punk undertones but you can definitely tell a difference in last year's double EP, The Bird and The Bee Sides which having half of the album being new tracks and the other being never before released demos and acoustically revamped songs shows a great deal of variety in exploring the sounds of folk and ska.

Now, onto what you wanted to know in the first place. The new album, which has been confirmed to release on October 6, has been named Forget and Not Slow Down. And, just recently, lead singer Matthew Thiessen messaged with some essential info.

"Hey readers. Thanks for being nice to us. Here's the track list, high res cover, and press pic for Forget and Not Slow Down (our new record). It's a bit weird because there are some untitled outros and intros throughout the album. Basically, if the track list skips a number, something is up. There are eleven songs, but the whole thing runs about 43 minutes. We can't wait for October sixth to get here."

Hmmm, sounds promising, Matt. And here's the tracklisting:

1. Forget and Not Slow Down

2. I Don't Need A Soul

3. Candlelight

5. Part Of It

7. Therapy

8. Over It

9. Sahara


13. If You Believe Me

14. This Is The End

15. (If You Want It)

So, like he said, some tracks may seem to be missing but it's supposed to be that way, so no worries. And, don't forget to check out the tour dates for this fall.

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