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Friday, September 19, 2008

Relient K - 2000 A.D.D. EP

Relient K's first national release may not be a big one. But it helped showcase what kind of a quirky, fun-loving, Christian band they where right from the start. This EP contains only four songs. The first three are possibly the most popular songs from their self-titled release from the same year: "Hello McFly," "My Girlfriend," and "Softer to Me." "My Girlfriend" and "Softer to Me" were re-recordings of inferior versions that appear on their independent release. Most CCM fans have probably already heard or heard of these songs already, and they're all on the self-titled album without change, so they're really nothing to get too excited about. However, it was the last song, a live version of "Breakdown," which didn't appear as a studio track until their second record, The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek, which released in 2001. I never realized that Relient K was that good of a live band even back when they first started out. This song is a great live track and a wonderful little treat for fans. Overall, 2000 A.D.D. may not be worth shelling out any extra cash for if you already own Relient K, but it was a great first look at a band that will still be pleasing fans in the years to come....

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