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Friday, September 19, 2008

Relient K - The Creepy EP

Relient K's The Creepy EP marked a significant turning point in their early career. It foreshadowed the significant change in maturity that would happen between their self-titled release and The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek. The album opens with two popular tracks that would later be featured on Tongue in Cheek, "Pressing On" and "Those Words Are Not Enough," two great songs that deserved the double dip. Following these is "Operation," which almost made it onto Tongue in Cheek, but was cut off at the last minute; it's also a great song and one of the highlights of the EP. After this is an acoustic take on the hit "Softer to Me," which is actually better than the original. The true highlight of this EP, however, is the original demo for "Jefferson Airplane," which was later re-recorded as "Jefferson Aero Plane" for Two Lefts Don't Make a Right... But Three Do. This version is more acoustic and, in a lot of ways, better than the newer one. Closing the album is the back porch acoustic version of "Pressing On," also a great acoustic take on a great song where it actually sounds like they're recording it on a back porch (and they probably did). My only complaint about the EP, however, is that the last three minutes or so of "Pressing On (Back Porch Acoustic)" is just outdoor sound effects after the song itself has actually ended. Still, overall, this is a very significant release with several rare gems that are definitely worth any diehard RK fan's time and cash. This EP showed fans that Relient K was ready and able to mature and that they weren't going away any time soon....

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